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Brookfield Renewable Announces Strong First Quarter Results

Shepherds Flat – An 845-megawatt wind farm in Oregon that includes one of the largest repowering opportunities in the world. Once completed we expect total generation to increase by approximately 25%. We are making good progress on the repowering and are also advancing a 400-megawatt new-build development pipeline that was included in the transaction;

Investment in Polenergia – A scale renewable business in Europe with an interest in a 3 gigawatt offshore wind development pipeline. We believe Polenergia has tremendous growth prospects, and we are well positioned as both a supportive operating partner and capital provider to the business;

Exelon Distributed Generation (DG) – A distributed generation business, comprising 360 megawatts of operating capacity with an additional over 700 megawatts under development. We now own one of the leading distributed generation businesses in the U.S., with deep operating, development, and origination capabilities, and an almost 2,000-megawatt portfolio that generates high-quality contracted cash flows that are diversified by geography and customer; and

Indian Solar Project - On the back of a relationship established through our acquisition of a portfolio of loans from a non-bank financial company at the end of 2020, we signed an agreement which gives us the right to acquire a 450-megawatt shovel ready solar project from one of the largest developers in India. The project is expected to be commissioned by the end of the year and is backed by 25-year power purchase agreements with a high-quality state utility. We expect to invest $70 million ($20 million net to Brookfield Renewable) of equity in the project and are targeting 20%+ returns.